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Vehicles for Every Occaision


Our drivers are trained and vetted to an exceptional standard - we only send you the best of the best.

 Each car is GPS tracked, speed monitored and braking monitored for your safety and comfort.


Standard Taxi


4 1 2

Standard Taxi

e.g Avensis / Superb

A popular and economic option suitable for most day to day transport needs. It will accommodate four passengers, one large and two small suitcases. 

Executive Taxi


4 2 2

Executive Taxi

e.g S Class reg

We offer elegant and spacious executive cars perfect for when a little more luxury is required or you are looking to impress for a special occasion. 


Estate Taxi


4 4 2

Estate Taxi

e.g Avensis / Superb Estate

Our estate cars offer more space for additional luggage. The perfect option for airport transfers when getting away with your family and friends.  

Minibus Taxi


5-8 5-8 4

Minibus Taxi

e.g Galaxy, Tourneo, Vivaro, Vito

The minbuses can carry up to eight passengers and offer a large amount of space for luggage. An ideal choice for nights out with small groups or trips to the airport. 



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