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Here we have compiled your complete guide to getting to the airport via transfer or public transport, especially if you haven't been in a while or if you're now carrying extra luggage that doesn't go in the boot. We have answered all the questions that we could think of and added things that may be helpful to you for your trip.



Our airport transfer prices are fixed and will not change at any time of day you wish to travel. 






Luton Airport



Heathrow Airport



Stansted Airport



Gatwick Airport


Standard / Estate Car £40-£45 £89-£94 £65-£70 £130-£140
Minibus £60-£70 £109-£119 £85-£95 £165-£175

Executive car











What is the best time to book an airport taxi?

We operate 24/7 so you can book a taxi to the airport anytime whether its months in advance or the same day, we will dispatch a taxi to you within minutes. although we say the same day we encourage you to book your taxi with good time for you to get into the airport and check in without the worry of being late, who knows you might even have time to grab a coffee or some snacks. 

Can I bring a car seat for my kids?

Yes you can, or we can provide a child car seat for a small fee which saves you the hassle of carrying yours around. although there are some exceptions for taxis i.e. a child under 3 can sit in your lap and any older have to wear a seatbelt we recommend that all passengers follow Gov guidance

How much does it cost to get to the airport from Stevenage?

You can find the list of prices below, our airport transfer prices are fixed and will not change at any time of day you wish to travel. 

Which is best: A local taxi company or a booking agent?

We offer a leading worry free airport transfer service from your door to the airport 24 hours a day 7 days a week. We have been booking airport transfers from our base in Stevenage for over 30 years with drivers who have years of experience and knowledge in routes and always keep up to date with route traffic information so your journey is stress free.


You will come across many companies that offer a third party booking service which is then sent to your local taxi service and of course charging you a small premium. On most occasions you may not know which company your booking has been passed on to or whether they will arrive on time as you may not have a direct contact number you wont even know if they are reliable or vetted. At Stevenage Taxis we offer you that piece of mind, our drivers are licensed and vetted by Stevenage Borough Council and vehicles are kept clean inside and out throughout the day.

What is the best airport for me?

The best airport, now that depends on where you have booked to fly but we can definitely tell you which is closest and which is furthest so this may give you an idea of when to book your taxi. Lets start with London Luton(LTN) which is just under 15 miles the journey time to and from can be from 30-40 minutes, London Stansted(STN) is under 28 miles with a journey time of approximately 50 minutes, Heathrow is around 45 miles depending on terimal and journey time is approximately 50-60 minutes. Lastly we come to Gatwick which is almost double to cost and time of other airports.


* Above figures are based on no traffic or roadworks, real world journey times will differ

Can I book for large groups?

Yes you can, whether its a wedding, a party, a airport transfer or anything else, our 5-8 seater MPV/minibuses can accommodate even for the extra luggage you may bring along. *8 seater minibuses are subject to availability, please book in advance*

Can I book an executive transfer?

Travelling on business,want us to collect an important client or whether you want to travel in style our executive fleet will handle the rest for you. We dispatch our executive vehicles early at no extra cost to you so they are ready and waiting at the airport, train station or even outside your office.

Need an executive transfer regularly, open up an account with us and receive monthly invoices or pay by card in the car and receive a invoice immediately. We accept all cards (including American Express).



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